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a-shoebox-of-loveThe Shoebox action is organized by the Committee of International Student Relations of BME. Twist a little fun into the Christmas of the patients at the Pediatric Hospital of Tűzoltó Street! The ...
2014. December 05.

satisfaction-survey-please-participateFrom 25th November 2014 to 9th January 2015 BME OMIKK carries out a survey of users' satisfaction. Please, take a few minutes to complete our questionnaire (in Hungarian), as your opinion ...
2014. December 01.

advent-in-the-libraryWe intend to bring Advent mood into the library again this year. Our Advent Calendar is open for visiiting old and new readers between 1st and 23rd December, 2014. During Advent period the ...
2014. December 01.

information-to-graduating-studentsThe library regularly checks the library membership of the students. As a result of this process you can find the message on your Readers Data Information page 'Diplomázik, minden tiltva' ...
2014. November 26.

historiographer-of-librariesLászló Móra memorial exhibition in the Library from 3rd November László Móra (1914-2009) librarian and science historian was born one hundred years ago. He was Doctor of the Hungarian ...
2014. October 31.

call-for-registration-on-library-assistant-course-2015BME OMIKK offers vocational training for library assistants, National Vocational Traninig Register (OKJ) No. 52 322 01. The language of the course and the examinations is ...
2014. September 29.
2014. december 19. péntek
Viola, Violetta

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