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everything_you_always_wanted_to_know_about_scifindernPresentation and demo given by Mr. Veli-Pekka Hyttinen, the representative of the American Chemical Society Chemical Abstracts Service in the Library on 29th January 2019.
19. January 2019.

exam-period-opening-hours-2018-decThe Main Reading Room will be open from 8:00 to 22:00 between 10 December 2018 and 25 January 2019.
05. December 2018.

opening-hours-to-change_2018_decOpening hours of BME OMIKK between 10th December 2018 and 25th January 2019.
05. December 2018.

freed-onThe former Information and reference room (room 1 of the library) turns into a free to use research room.
12. October 2018.

do-not-leave-your-laptop-unattendedNew library service: anti-theft lock for loan.
31. May 2018.

you-need-a-placeReserve our room Nr 2 for group work (free service).
22. May 2018.

full-access-to-the-nature-research-journals-database-within-bme-ip-rangeStarting with 2018, the most significant publisher of natural science periodicals makes all its journals available online.
06. February 2018.

12000-books-available-now-from-within-the-bme-ip-address3488 new titles provided by Springer the electronic book collection of BME.
01. February 2018.

we-remind-you-but-you-have-to-renew-itStudents of BME are now notified three days in advance of their loan’s due date via Neptun.
18. October 2017.

new-room-open-for-group-studyingThe new Community Room, previously Natural Sciences Research Room, available to all of our visitors from 1 March
02. March 2017.

special-offer-for-libraries-archives-and-companiesOur library offers quality bookbinding services with traditional methods, on a short deadline, at a reasonable price. The services include binding and minor restoration of various document types,
16. February 2017.

much-awaited-developmentThe library has launched the mobile friendly version of the homepage with simplified content that summarizes the most important information only.
25. May 2016.

the_largest_hungarian_digital_journal_service_is_already_available_fromBrowse Arcanum Digital Scientific Repertory (ADT+) from the computers in the Library or from the IP domain of BME.
24. May 2016.

our-index-cards-are-on-the-netAs a result of our newest development our index cards catalogue, which is missing from our Aleph catalogue, are available on the net.
09. December 2015.

we-got-away-with-itOur visitors have been allowed to take their bottled drinks into the reading rooms of our library since April.
11. November 2015.
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