Budapest University of Technology and Economics
National Technical Information Centre and Library

Mission and Vision


The primary task of BME OMIKK is to support the high quality education, scientific training, research, development and innovation in the fields of engineering, technology, natural, business and social sciences at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics through efficient exploitation of the available resources.

Works as an organisational unit of its host institute and a center supporting the fruitful learning and research as a social space of the University.

As a specialized public national library it takes responsibility to provide access to information in all the above mentioned fields to the industry, to the experts in engineering and to all interested using up-to-date technologies and methods.

BME OMIKK is responsible for collecting, saving and disseminating documents and objects representing the tradition, the past and to the present of the University.

Its mission to propagate the Hungarian and the universal culture using full variety of library means to the possible widest public.



The library as the most important intellectual centre of the University participates in the everyday life of the faculty staff, the researchers and the students.

The nationally highly esteemed institute with its organization that sensitively and rapidly reacting organization and services, using up-to-date information technologies provided by highly qualified, motivated and committed staff to the users' needs and demands to increase the number of satisfied readers.

Aware of its social responsibility in all activities, the library contributes to ensuring equal chances in culture, keeps in mind the sustainability. Its all services and operations are pervaded by quality approach and committment for the public.

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Qualified Library

Opening Hours


Workdays: 8:00-20:00
Opening hours on 13th October and 10th November
Reading Rooms

Return and borrow books (request: via e-call slip) at the Central Circulation Desk.


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