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Library loan

To borrow documents from BME OMIKK one needs a valid Readers Card. There are selected parts of the collection in the storing facilities and in the reading rooms that are ready for library loan.
Other library passes or Student Cards do not entitle their holders to borrow documents.
Library loan can be taken in person or by authorized person.
Library borrowing term is four weeks in general, but in case of some documents is only 2 weeks. Information on the specific borrowing term referring is given in the catalogue record of each document.

    Number of borrowed documents

    No. of documents User
    • general library user
    • BME pensioner
    • BME student
    • BME employee
    • legal entity
    • BME PhD students


General information on circulation

  • Requests for documents in the local storing facilities can be submitted electronically from the terminals in the Library. Requests received 30 minutes before end of service hours are served in the same day.
  • Requests for documents in the remote storing facilities can be submitted electronically from the terminals in the Library. Requests are served from 3 PM in the next working day, and the documents are available for three more working days.
  • In some cases document request cannot be submitted directly. In these cases one needs the assistance of the reference service in room 12 in the library.
  • Documents stored on the shelves in the reading rooms can be borrowed at the librarians on duty at that reading room.
  • Documents are to be returned to the site of their borrowing. (The sticker on the cover helps in finding the proper service desk.)
  • Overdue charge is to be paid if the documents are not returned until the date library loan ticket and in the electronic catalogue.
  • All other costs related to processing overdue events, like delivering call for payment and legal costs are to be paid by the user of the library.

Documents that are excluded from circulation

  • Periodicals, journals, newspapers;
  • Original copies of dissertations submitted at Hungarian universities;
  • Documents of extreme high value or historical importance;
  • Rare and non-replaceable works that are available in single copy;
  • Manuscripts;
  • Volumes that belong to reference library in the reading rooms;
  • Copies of translations;
  • Hungarian standards;
  • Books and brochures published before 1945.

Library loan renewal

  • Renewal can be asked at any desk ready for circulation service or at the reference service in person, via phone (+36 1 463 1790 and +36 1 463 1152) or via Skype (omikk-tko-pult).
  • Renewal can be processed through the catalogue (OPAC) using the barcode in the Readers Card and your password. To log in the first time one should repeat the barcode as a password. (To protect your privacy, the password is to be changed after receiving your Readers Card!)

Limitations of renewal

  • Maximum number of renewals is five periods;
  • The reader holds other documents overdue and the overdue balance reaches the limit;
  • The reader has unpaid charges;
  • There is a legal procedure between the library and the reader;
  • The course of the student finishes within the library borrowing term;
  • The Readers Card expires within the library borrowing term;
  • The document is reserved by others.


Reservation and serving the reserved document

  • Reservation of either borrowed documents or documents stored in the library can be submitted via the catalogue (OPAC) or with the help of reference service.
  • The site of service can be the desk of central library loan service or the "Lágymányos" service site (Magyar Tudósok krt. 2.) according to the wish of the reader.
  • If the reserved document is available, the library sends e-mail to the reader. Reservation fee shall be paid when borrowing the document. If the reserved document is not taken, a special charge is to be paid. (See Fees & charges.)


Lost or damaged documents

  • If the borrowed document is lost or seriously damaged, the reader is entitled to replace it with an identical copy or with its newer edition. In case of minor damage the cost of restoration (rebinding) is to be paid.
  • Lost documents that are not replaceable should be reported at the central desk of library loan service. The library informs the reader in an e-mail about the value of the lost item that is to be paid within one month. Delay of payment is processed and charged similarly as overdue in returning library loan.
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