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Collection and specific collections

The collection development policy of the library reflects the wide spectra of education at the University both in thematic and genre. Some characteristic fields of collection is shown below.

Engineering and technology

According to its profile the library collects all technical literature in Hungarian. In foreign languages the selection is matched to the fields of research and education as well, as the dominant languages in the field and the language skill of our professors, researchers and students. The new acquisition of technical literature can be found on the shelves in the reading room of physical, engineering and technological sciences. The scheme of location by fields is shown in the figure.

Physical sciences

Indexing and encyclopaedic works in different fields of chemistry, material and technological sciences are collected to help in finding original publications, technologies, facts of material properties, etc. Complete collections of internationally acknowledged series of Chemical Abstracts, Beilstein, Gmelin can be found in the Study of Natural Sciences. Some of them are accessible via databases referring to the full text of the original publications, like SciFinder and Reaxys.

Social and economic sciences

Philosophy, sociology, psychology, economics, management; social and economics aspects of engineering, information about the European Union.


As BME is one of leading higher education institute in Hungary, the library collects all education material in the field. All textbooks published by BME and most textbooks of other universities and colleges are collected. The most frequently used textbooks and handbooks are available from the shelves of a dedicated reading room sorted first by fields, and within the fields in alphabetic order of titles. The rest of education materials are available for borrowing at the main circulation desk or for reading in the main reading room.

Handbooks, reference works and indexing publications

Handbooks, encyclopaedic works, thematic dictionaries, data collections, collections of regulatory documents are important tools of research and learning. These reference works can be used locally in the library. Their locations are aligned with the profiles of the reading rooms.

Language books and dictionaries

BME OMIKK holds dictionaries and language books, especially technical dictionaries of all major languages. In the collection there are printed documents as well, as CD-ROMs, interactive electronic learning materials and audiobooks.


The collection development policy emphasizes academic works and learning materials, but it is also important to provide students and employees with fictional literature. There are some books in foreign languages to develop the language skill or simply to provide joyful moments to their readers.


BME OMIKK holds official copies of dissertations submitted at the university, together with opponents reviews. These copies are excluded from circulation, and their reproduction is forbidden. New dissertations are available electronically in a non-reproducible format. More information about public Ph.D. defences is available in the homepage of the Hungarian National Doctoral Council.


BME OMIKK holds a great selection of Hungarian standards and standards of international organizations, as they are important elements of technical literature. The collection is not complete and not updated regularly. In Hungary, the exclusively official source of standards is the Hungarian Standards Institution.

Electronic documents (CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, videos and on-line tutorials)

Registered users of library are entitled to participate in the circulation of electronic documents, too. In the holdigs of the library there are CDs, DVSs, audiobooks, online learning materials and videos.

The CD collection offers wide spectra fro learning and for entertainment. There are books of poetry, language training materials, tutorials, lexicons, Atlases.

The DVD collection includes collections of databases published by Arcanum Ltd, Complex law information service, tutorials, recorded lessons and films on easing.

The Audiobook collection contains more than one hundred books from entertaining literature to most read volumes. It is recommended for all age groups.

The VHS collection and documents of Mindentudás Egyeteme (University of All Knowledge - a TV serial of academic presentations produced jointly by the Hungarian Television Company and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) include language training materials, classics of Hungarian and global film arts.

Online tutorials can be searched in our catalogue. At present 120 university textbooks are available that are published by Typotex Publishing Ltd. To access some of them one has to register in the home of the publisher.

Works of historic value

BME OMIKK has a collection of documents published before 1851. It contains literature in the field of physical and engineering sciences. Worth mentioning here that the university (Institutum Geometricum-Hydrotechnicum) was founded in 1782 and the library was formally founded in 1848 with the donation of five volumes of "Beschreibung der Erfindungen und Verbesserungen, auf welche in dem k.k. Staaten Patente ertheilt wurden, und deren Privilegiumsdauer bereits erloschen ist" by József Eötvös, Minister of Culture. The books of historic value are not subjects of circulation. Furthermore, their local use and partial reproduction needs special permission.

University heritage

The library collects all publications related with the University that can be important for later researchers, specifically

  • publications referring to the University and its former organizations
  • publications issued by the University (except textbooks)
  • periodicals published by the University
  • publications about the University
  • textbooks and other publications of the professors of the University
  • monographs about professors of the University
  • works published on bodies and societies of the University
  • works of famous former students of the University, including Nobel laureates, and monographs about their lives and results
  • reports, publications and information materials of the BME University Library (BME KK, BME KTK)
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