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Main Reading Room

It is the oldest and largest reading room with 400 square meter area and with more than 200 seats.

Local use of library documents stored in different locations in the storage facilities, that is documents that are otherwise subjects of circulation and the ones that are excluded from circulation for any reasons.

    Exception: actual volumes of periodicals and documents on the shelves of other reading rooms.
    (In justified cases the library is ready to serve these documents in the Main Reading Room, too. Please, ask our librarians!)

Daily newspapers, handbooks, dictionaries are available in the reading room.

WiFi and electric sockets at all seats to help using your computers.

Using your own documents is also permitted.

Requests for service from the storage are accepted until 19:45.

Requests for documents stored in the remote storage facility are served after 15:00 of the next workday. These documents remain available for three days.

Reading rooms

The library offers five reading rooms with different services:

Using reading rooms

Our reading rooms can be visited with valid library passes, with BME Student Cards or with proof of active BME student status. Upon entering the reading room the above mentioned pass has to be handed over to the librarian on duty.

Readers can use reading rooms to read documents offered by the library, to read their own documents, to use terminals or to use their own computers. Documents are placed on labelled shelves of reading rooms by thematic fields. There are handbooks like dictionaries, encyclopaedias, lexicons and other reference materials that help learning.

Overcoats, luggage, food and drink must not be taken into the reading rooms. Please, leave them in the cloakroom at the entrance of the library or in a luggage cabinet in the foreroom of the textbooks reading room (Building K). Please, do not use mobile phone in the reading rooms.

Reading rooms and their services at a glance.

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Qualified Library

Opening Hours


Workdays: 8:00-20:00

The Community room will be closed on 20th February from 4 pm


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