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Gyula Strommer Memorial Exhibition

On 22nd May 2015 a Gyula Strommer Memorial Day will be held by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Gyula Strommer International Geometry Foundation in honour of the late professor of the Dapertment of Geometry on the 95th anniversary of his birth and 20th anniversary of his death. On this event a memorial exhibition will be opened by Tibor Czigány, dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the Aula of the library building at 10:00.

In the exhibition documents of the University Archives and the heritage of Gyula Strommer stored by the Foundation will recall his character and his half century long activity as a researcher, as faculty member, as member of the university community. (Both his serious and his lightsome works will be shown there.) 

The exhibition can be visited during the service hours of the Library until June 19th, 2015.

 Source : BME Archives

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Scripts in the poster:

Can't you dance?

Attend Gyula Strommer's five o'clock tea. It's better than Zigan's music. The tunes of all will be played. At the harmonica: Janos Mocsári-Schopp.
(Zigan and Mocsari-Schopp were other professors at the deopartment.)

Strommer's nasty hints

The parallel lines meet at infinity. What are they doing there? Nobody knows.

A student made a technical drawing in a single projection. Strommer educates: 'How do you prefer? If a girl gives you a picture about herself or if she gives herself to you?'
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