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BME Archives
BME Archives

Organization and accessibility of the Archives’ records

The basic organizational unit of the archive material is the fond, which is the entire body of records addressed to or created by an organization or person, and which is accumulated and properly preserved by the respective organization or person, e.g. the records of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Subfonds are further divisions of the fond, e.g. the minutes taken in the sessions of the Council of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the records of the Dean’s Office or students’ registers. Subfonds are further divided into sub-sub-fonds, e.g. series. The scope of the divisions is to create the simplest possible way of identifying and accessing archival material as a professionally organized logical system. The discovery and research of the Archives’ records are facilitated by finding aids, the two basic ones being our lists of fonds and subfonds, and our archival inventory. The lists of fonds and subfonds are accurate registrations of the structures and main data of our records, while our archival inventory provides more detailed information on the smaller units, the subject and the system of our records.

Archival organization in the Archives of Budapest University of Technology and Economics: the fond structure

When we created our fond structure, we used the following division of numbers (certain numbers have been spared for future changes and acquisitions):

Fonds 1-20: records of the University’s predecessor institutions and of the Rector’s Secretariat

Fonds 21-100: records of the general organizational units of the University (Economic and Technical Directorate, Library, Young Communist League etc.) and special collections (designs, photos, diplomas, regulations etc.)

Fonds 101-130: records of the University's faculties

Fonds 131-400: records of institutes, departments or groups of departments

Fonds 401-410: records of defunct institutes apart from the predecessor institutions of the University (e.g. Economic and Technical Academy)

Fonds 411 and over: personal legacies

Temporary lists of fonds and subfonds of the Archives of Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The old inventory of the Archives of Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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