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summer-service-2018From 18th June to 20th July and from 21st August to 31st August our library offers limited service. From 23rd July to 17th August it will be open only on Tuesdays.
14. June 2018.

do-not-leave-your-laptop-unattendedNew library service: anti-theft lock for loan.
31. May 2018.

you-need-a-placeReserve our room Nr 2 for group work (free service).
22. May 2018.

full-access-to-the-nature-research-journals-database-within-bme-ip-rangeStarting with 2018, the most significant publisher of natural science periodicals makes all its journals available online.
06. February 2018.

12000-books-available-now-from-within-the-bme-ip-address3488 new titles provided by Springer the electronic book collection of BME.
01. February 2018.

we-remind-you-but-you-have-to-renew-itStudents of BME are now notified three days in advance of their loan’s due date via Neptun.
18. October 2017.

new-room-open-for-group-studyingThe new Community Room, previously Natural Sciences Research Room, available to all of our visitors from 1 March
02. March 2017.

special-offer-for-libraries-archives-and-companiesOur library offers quality bookbinding services with traditional methods, on a short deadline, at a reasonable price. The services include binding and minor restoration of various document types,
16. February 2017.

much-awaited-developmentThe library has launched the mobile friendly version of the homepage with simplified content that summarizes the most important information only.
25. May 2016.

the_largest_hungarian_digital_journal_service_is_already_available_fromBrowse Arcanum Digital Scientific Repertory (ADT+) from the computers in the Library or from the IP domain of BME.
24. May 2016.

our-index-cards-are-on-the-netAs a result of our newest development our index cards catalogue, which is missing from our Aleph catalogue, are available on the net.
09. December 2015.

we-got-away-with-itOur visitors have been allowed to take their bottled drinks into the reading rooms of our library since April.
11. November 2015.
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between 18 June and 31 August 2018.


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