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The mission of the Readers Service is to provide the readers reliably, quickly and smoothly with requested documents both in the reading rooms and at ...

General information about interlibrary loan To be registered user of interlibrary loan service one should submit a registration form. The signed (in case ...

There are various possibilities to get copies of documents. The volume and method of copying can be prescribed for reasons of stock protection, for ...

Process to receive ISBN identifier at the University All publications of BME that meet the requirements of ISBN standard and the corresponding ...

Periodica Polytechnica is a scientific publisher supported by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. It publishes seven separate ...

The Central library and the network Average user meets 'Library data' when finding any item in the catalogue (OPAC). In Library data field one can read ...

Documents from the Archives' material can be borrowed with the permission of the Archive's Head. They are usually requested by museums for exhibitions or ...

Copyright grants a legal framework for users and professors to conduct research, as it specifies on what terms and under what conditions an original work ...

Document lending and copy service From BME stock to external partners From the collections of BME departments, from the collections of non-lending ...

Library loan service with documents that can not be found in Hungary; for example books, research reports, conference publications, ...

Obtaining copies of journal papers or book chapters for customers, for libraries or for other Hungarian institutions that are not available in ...

The reference service provides information about the collection of the library, the most important domestic and international information services and ...
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Workdays: 8:00-20:00
Opening hours on 13th October and 10th November
Reading Rooms

Return and borrow books (request: via e-call slip) at the Central Circulation Desk.


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