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Copy and scanning service

There are various possibilities to get copies of documents. The volume and method of copying can be prescribed for reasons of stock protection, for reasons of special value or of the conditions of the document. Some documents are excluded from copying.

Photocopying in the reading rooms

One can make photocopy in the Study of Natural Sciences from documents that are not excluded from that service. Librarians on duty can help in copying.

Photocopying at the Bridge of Sighs

Copy machines located in the Aula near the Bridge of Sighs are operated by an independent service provider in BME OMIKK's public area.

Fees and conditions of photocopying are determined by the service provider. For further details read the information tables near the machines. The self-service copy slot machines can be used by anyone.

Assistance to the service is available from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 16:00, on Friday from 9:00 to 15:00.

Copying electronic documents

Copying electronic documents is regulated in the contracts between the content provider and BME OMIKK. As a general rule, electronic documents can be stored, printed or forwarded exclusively for users of the library having Readers' Card, for their own use that is research and educational purposes. Forwarding to third party is not allowed.

Download of articles to a storage device is free in Room 1 of the Library or in the Study of Natural Sciences.

Special reprography service

Some documents are for local use only because of stock protection or their specific value. These documents are excluded from the above mentioned means of copying. Copy of these documents can be ordered to be made by trained personnel using special apparatus. These copies are provided in electronic or printed form. Request for special reprographic service can be submitted in the Main reading room.


In rooms 1 and 12 of the library building there are scanners of A3 and A4 size on free self-service basis.

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