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Library network of BME

The Central library and the network

Average user meets 'Library data' when finding any item in the catalogue (OPAC). In Library data field one can read 'Central Library' ('Központi könyvtár') or other libraries.

Central library means public and service area of the Library, that is

  • reading rooms in the Library building (NOLV, MSZO),
  • reading rooms near the Bridge of Sighs (GTO, TTO and TKO) in the central building of the University,
  • Lágymányos service point in building I,
  • storerooms in the library building,
  • an underground storage facility connected to the Library building and the reading rooms in the central building through a tunnel,
  • a remote storage facility outside Budapest.

Other libraries indicated in the Library data field are maintained by the faculties or departments of the University. The names of these specialized libraries refer to the department or the faculty.

These smaller libraries are organized into a library network by the Central library, that is by BME OMIKK. The network is co-ordinated by the network referent of BME OMIKK who provides methodological assistance to the smaller libraries often run by secretaries of the departments without special training in librarianship. BME OMIKK provides assistance in acquisition, in cataloguing and in other technical activities to member libraries of the network.

Using documents in the faculty/department libraries

Under construction!!!

BME OMIKK's services to the BME library network

  • Cataloguing books acquired by these libraries in the main catalogue (Aleph). Receiving and delivering books in service hours in the office of network referent (Library building, ground floor 4.).
  • Instruction, assistance, control and documentation of stock-taking at the networked libraries. Rules of stock-taking, discarding and deleting documents from the stock (in Hungarian).
  • Assistance in discarding and deleting books and journals from the networked libraries. Preparing and approving discard and delete reports and lists.
  • Deleting discarded documents of network libraries from the main catalogue of BME OMIKK.
  • Consultation in reconstruction and moving networked libraries.
  • Consultation in conversion of card catalogues into electronic records. Assistance and training on using ALEPH integrated library system.
  • Visiting networked libraries and methodological assistance.
  • Preparing and maintaining List of faculty/department libraries and its appendices using information provided by the departments.
  • Collection and summing up yearly statistical reports of network libraries.
  • Delivering circulars in actual matters.

Service hours

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 - 13:00
Friday: 9:00 - 12:00


Ms Gyöngyi Kéringer Pettendi
1111 Bp., Budafoki út 4-6.
Library building, ground floor, room 4.
Phone: +36 1 463-2124
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