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TMT - Scientific and Technical Information

Journal of Library and Information Sciences

The national journal, established in 1954 is published monthly by BME OMIKK. The journal deals with both theoretical and practical issues of library management, reference in the field of scientific literature. The emphasis is on the development of information and knowledge society in relation with librarianship and with the exploitation of advanced information technologies in the field.

The main topics in TMT

  • epistemological aspects of information and its gathering
  • domestic and international means of accessing scientific and technical information and literature
  • traditional and new methods of information processing and utilization of for library and documentation
  • design and operation of institutional - corporate information systems
  • introduction of advanced information tools and technologies to promote their adoption in Hungary
  • principles and methods of digitization, introduction of major domestic and international projects in the field
  • bibliographic, referring and full-text databases and connected library services
  • information resources and electronic services of the European Union and their utilization
  • penetration of information technologies in the society and economics

Its importance and acknowledgement is proven by indexing and reference services that process TMT using summaries in English. Publications in TMT are accepted as referred ones by the library science programme of the doctoral school of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.

Target groups of TMT

The primary target groups are librarians in library management and reference services, information experts, personnel dealing with information technologies of the field and users of scientific information. The subscribers are mainly institutions, libraries, information organizations providing or utilizing information services.

TMT is referred by

  • Hungarian Library and Information Science Abstracts
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  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
  • Science Abstracts Series C. Computer and Control

Online access

Guide to search in the library

The publication summarizes main concepts of search for information and provide a key to successful library use. Our tips may shorten the route to the information. The compilation contain knowledge that can be utilized in any library, but focuses mainly on the collections of BME OMIKK.

The guide was compiled with the support TÁMOP, the Social Renewal Operational Programme, co-funded from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union.

The language of the guide is Hungarian.

Access to the guide: Fűre lépni tilos!

Changes since the publication of the Guide:

    • In 2013 the traditional printed Call Slip was replaced by an Electronic Calling System
    • In September 2013 the homepage of BME OMIKK was redesigned and restructured. In the beginning of 2014 the homepage became bilungual. Screen shots in the publication reflect the old homepage.

Publications in the history of science and technics

Dóra Emmert Szerőczei:
Hungaricums in the historic collection of BME OMIKK. 2007.
(in Hungarian)

Selection of most interesting works published before 1801. We wish to give an insight into the historic collection of BME OMIKK containing publications printed before 1851.

Dóra Emmert Szerőczei:
The history of the largest technical library in Hungary. 2009.
(in Hungarian)

The work was written on the double anniversary of the library. 2008 was the 160th anniversary of the library of the technical university, today BME and the 125th anniversary of the technical library, lately called OMIKK.
Intended to address the lack of summary the work describes the history of the two libraries from their establishing to the commonly celebrated anniversary. Objective summary of the past based on original documents and a first description of the more recent history. The publication shows the history in timeline of works of directors, the buildings, the collections and publications of the libraries.

The expression Hungaricum is used here meaning works

  • printed in Hungary,
  • written by Hungarian author,
  • written in Hungarian,
  • written about Hungary or Hungarian personality.

Publications in the history of science and technology

BME OMIKK publishes compilations of outstanding Hungarian personalities of science and technology. The works are published in CD-ROM format, and are partly accessible on the web.

BME OMIKK intends to discover the history of science and technology based on scientific research and to introduce the results of these personalities who contribute to the development of science and technology worldwide.

Price information:
A magyar autógyártás 100 éve (100 years of automobile manufacturing in Hungary) DVD HUF 3000 + VAT,
Other CD-ROMs HUF 2000 Ft + VAT.

Ordering at TMT Editorial Board:
Phone/fax: +36 1 463-2446
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.

Parts of the publications are accessible together with other documents in our digital archives.

Adventures among old books

Curiosities from the history of science and technics in the BME OMIKK's stock of historic value (an electronic publication)

In this new electronic publication two dozen books of historic value are selected. They are presented with original picturesque photos.
Reading 'Adventures...' one finds five books and their history (information about their authors, their contents or their holders) from the 16th century, seven ones from the 17th and twelve more from the 18th Century. The publication is also available in English. Clicking the titles one finds the complete bibliographic description in the catalogue of BME OMIKK. The author of the texts is Dóra Emmert Szerőczei, photos were taken by Ferenc Samu, English translation was made by Katalin Lehoczki, design, technical realization and technological background was brought together by József Gyula Emmert.
The publication is available at:

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