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Last-Modified: 05. 06. 2019.

The primary goal of BME OMIKK is to support high-quality education, scientific training, research, development and innovation in the fields of engineering, technology, natural sciences, business and social sciences at Budapest University of Technology and Economics by utilising the available resources efficiently.

It is an organisational unit of its host institute in support of knowledge management, as well as a community space, fostering efficient learning and research.

As a public national reference library of technology it also considers its mission to provide access to information in all the above-mentioned fields to the industry, to engineering professionals and to the wider public, for which it strives to use state-of-the-art tools.

BME OMIKK undertakes to collect, preserve and disseminate documents and objects representing the traditions, the past and the present of the University.

Furthermore, it wishes to promote Hungarian and global culture by using the widest possible variety of library tools.

Budapest, 01.09.2014

Quality Management Council of BME OMIKK