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The Archives has been functioning as part of the University Library ever since the latter was established back in 1972. It collects, classifies and preserves the standing-value records of the University and the institutions that preceded it, such as the historically important documents of the Rector’s Secretariat, the deans’ offices, the Economic and Technical Directorate and of other large organisational units (e.g. the Central Study Office). It also stores the records of the University’s boards, councils, departments, institutions, library, student hostels, social and cultural organisations and sports associations. In addition, it is responsible for collecting documentary legacies of prominent University professors who are now deceased, storing life story interviews of teachers and former students as well as personal documents relating to their university careers.

The Archives’ files extend to a length of 1100 linear metres and cover the period of 1846-2000. To help facilitate the use of the archival material and to speed up information retrieval from its collection, our Archive supplies search aids and has a section devoted to research and customer service.

The Archives controls record management at the University and assists the staff responsible for this work. Archival records provide legal security for citizens (e.g. student records) and help to satisfy the requirement that the Institute’s operation be transparent (e.g. by supplying details of the activities of important University departments).

The Archives operation enriches the cultural life of the University (by organising exhibitions and submitting archival records and photos to be included in University publications), helps to foster a good community spirit and enhances the image of the University.