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Last-Modified: 11. 01. 2022.

The holdings of the Archives amount to nearly 1,300 linear meters of records dating from the time period 1846-2006.

No documents relating to the predecessor institution of the University, named Institutum Geometricum, have been preserved (except one engineering diploma). The archival material of this engineer training institute was held by the Budapest Science University until 1850, as the institute had been an integral part of this University. These documents were, however, destroyed, so researchers can only rely on secondary sources (on the material of the central feudal government authorities in the National Archives of Hungary).

Our material has, however, been continuous from 1846, the year of the foundation of Joseph College of Technology, especially as far as the documents of the Director's and Rector's offices are concerned. The majority of the students' records have been preserved (register books, records of comprehensive, state and doctoral exams). The material of the Archives was damaged for the first time and the most seriously in the 2nd World War, when the documents of several faculties were destroyed (except student records). The documentary material of the University was next badly damaged during the great document selection campaign in the 1950s. The documents were again damaged, mainly mixed up, during the Hungarian revolution in 1956.

When we created our fond structure, we used the following division of numbers (certain numbers have been spared for future changes and acquisitions):

Fonds 1-20: records of the University’s predecessor institutions and of the Rector’s Secretariat

Fonds 21-100: records of the general organizational units of the University (Economic and Technical Directorate, Library, Young Communist League etc.) and special collections (designs, photos, diplomas, regulations etc.)

Fonds 101-130: records of the University's faculties

Fonds 131-400: records of institutes, departments or groups of departments

Fonds 401-410: records of defunct institutes apart from the predecessor institutions of the University (e.g. Economic and Technical Academy)

Fonds 411 and over: personal legacies