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Last-Modified: 06. 09. 2023.

The mission of the National Technical Information Centre and Library of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME OMIKK) is to support the research and education in the university through its collection and services.  

As a university library and archives, its primary users are the students, lecturers, researchers, and co-workers of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME, henceforth: university). Its collection and services are public. As an archive of higher education, it provides the public documents’ research from the university to the public.  


  • Collects, preserves, digitalise, and provides the traditional documents, electronic sources, and the university’s intellectual and cultural heritage that are suitable for its collection;  
  • preserves and handles the documents of abiding value originating from the university;  
  • participates in cooperation among libraries;  
  • It supports education and research on the university; systematises and preserves the educational and research results; supports the self-knowledge of the university’s community;  
  • is part of the university’s scientific and social life, supports learning, research, and spending adequate leisure time in its public places; 
  • It contributes to public administration through data submission.  

BME OMIKK participates in national library development programs and establishes partnerships with university libraries and higher education archives.  

BME OMIKK develops its library and archives services closely with the university. It is a partner in preserving and making scientific and official information available for researchers, lecturers, students, and other citizens. The BME OMIKK actively preserves, protects, and provides the university’s public documents. Its colleagues contribute to the ongoing development of scientific communication. The institution inspires and allows individual and group development as a public place and a scene for intense learning and research. It is a place for acquiring and exchanging knowledge. 

Budapest, May 3, 2023