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Last-Modified: 02. 05. 2024.

When publishing in gold or hybrid type of Open Access journals, publishers charge a publication fee (APC = Article Processing Charge). Starting in April 2024, BME will provide a simplified administrative process for approving APC payments in journals not covered by the Read & Publish agreements with publishers. Professional support for authors is provided by BME OMIKK. 


Administrator: Csilla Kalocsai

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Conditions for APC payment:


Initiating the process


The Open Access publication request must be indicated via email to the financial administrator assigned to the respective (comprehensive) organizational unit at least 10 business days before submitting the article to the journal, approved by the department head, including the following details:

  • Planned time of article submission
  • APC amount and currency
  • Source of payment (e.g., name of grant, financial center)
  • Journal publisher
  • Journal title
  • Link to the online version of the journal
  • Author's email address
2. 2. After recording the data, the faculty financial administrator initiates the TopDesk process. BME OMIKK reviews the journal, and upon approval, secures/records the transparency declaration. If the journal can be found in the journals engaging in questionable practices, the request will be denied, and the requesting lecturer/researcher will be notified.
3. The lecturer/researcher sends the publisher's email about the acceptance or rejection of the article publication along with the received invoice to the financial administrator assigned to the respective (comprehensive) organizational unit. The invoice must comply with BME's relevant regulations.
4. 4. For hybrid journals, the process can also be initiated following acceptance, but earlier initiation ensures faster processing.



With the rise of open access publishing, so-called predator journals have emerged. These journals primarily operate for financial gain rather than to advance scientific knowledge, often soliciting researchers with offers to publish their work. If a researcher publishes in a predatory journal, there is a risk that the article may not be accepted for publication in a reputable scientific journal. The publication fees for articles in predator journals are not supported by any funds from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


About consortium agreements

Under the EISZ contract and BME's own subscription, open access publishing provided by the framework agreement can be requested for BME corresponding authors according to the publisher's procedure either at the time of submission or following the article’s approval. Current agreements and details on the opportunities can be found on the library's Read & Publish agreements page. Article publication is automatic in the case of publishers' journals included in the individual agreements, there is no need for further application.