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Last-Modified: 05. 10. 2023.

Borrowing of library items subject to library membership.

How many documents can I borrow?

A reader can borrow 5 documents at a time.


  • BME foreign student and employee: 10 documents
  • BME foreign doctoral student: 15 documents
  • BME lecturer and external lecturer: 50 documents,

Borrowing FAQ

  • Stack requests can be submitted between 8 am and 7.40 pm by filling the online form on one of the library’s computers and giving the time of pick-up (now, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours). Pick-up location: central circulation desk.

Self-service machines in the library >>

Loan period

2 or 4 weeks. For more information check the item description in the catalogue.

When the loan period expires, the documents shall be returned or renewed. In case of exceeding the loan period, our library charges 50 HUF per working day for each document.

Loan period renewal

Loan periods can be extended:


Overdue items, overdue fees

Our library charges the following fees for overdue items: HUF 50/working day/item. We shall notify our readers about overdue items first by e-mail and post for the second time. A borrowed item shall be deemed lost, if the reader fails to return it within 60 days from the expiry of the loan period or fails to extend the loan period.

When is it not possible to extend the loan period?

  • the maximum number of renewals,
  • the borrowed item has been reserved by another reader,
  • the reader has unpaid fees exceeding HUF 500 (for BME students HUF 5000),
  • there is a legal procedure by the library against the reader,
  • the library card is about to expire,
  • the BME student will graduate within 30 days.


First, we send a notification about the overdue item by e-mail, then a letter post to the address of the reader for two times.

Notifications for BME students 
The library sends a notification about the overdue item in the Neptune system 3 days before the expiration date.

Where can I return borrowed items?

Items can be returned at the central circulation desk in the library's main building, in the Textbooks Reading Room in building K, or by dropping them in the return boxes placed at the main entrance of Building K or the one in front of the Textbooks Reading Room.


Damaged or lost items

Damaged or lost items can be replaced by an identical copy or with a newer edition. If a document is no longer available commercially, the reader should replace that with another book of the author, or its value must be reimbursed: the sum to be paid is the estimated value plus double the estimated value, but a minimum of HUF 6,000. For minor damages the cost of repair will be charged by the library.
If the loan period exceeds 60 days, the item on loan will be declared lost by the library. The patron bears the cost of the lost item as a compensation.

Lost items

Lost items must be reported in person at the service points or by e-mail. The library informs the reader by e-mail about the value of the lost item that is to be paid within one month starting from the date of this e-mail. The item is considered to be on loan until the reader pays the fee. It is the reader’s responsibility to extend the loan period.