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Last-Modified: 12. 09. 2022.

Only registered patrons can borrow books in person in the library.

SelfCheck self-service terminal

You need to hold a reader’s card in order to be able to use the SelfCheck self-service terminal. There are two terminals in the library – in the aula and in the Textbooks Reading Room. By using the machine, you can borrow only the books that are placed in the reading rooms.

The terminals guide you in order to complete a successful loan but if you have a problem, feel free to ask the librarian’s help.

You cannot use the terminal if:

  • You have an overdue fee (more than 500 HUF) or an unreturned book
  • The membership is no longer valid
  • You have reached the maximum number of loans 
  • You reader’s card is damaged

You can reach your reader profile on the terminal and check your registration data, loan, and you can renew the books of which expire date are soon.

SmartLock- self-service machine

The self-service machine can be found in front of the Textbooks Reading Room next to the return box. You can borrow books from the reading rooms and the stock. You can pick your books during the opening hours of the BME’s Central Building (K) regardless of the library’s opening hours.

Steps of borrowing using the Smartlock:

  • Choose the book(s) in the online catalogue and click on ‘Stack request’.
  • Fill in the electronic form. Choose ‘SmartLock  [remote locker]
  • After finishing collecting the request(s) and click on ‘Kosárba tesz’.
  • We send an informative e-mail that includes a unique PIN code for collecting the books.

Collecting the requested books:

  • Type the uniqe PIN code for collecting the requested books.
  • Check your request on the data sheet and choose ‘Borrow’ tab. A box will be opened in which the requested books are.
  • Take out the books and close the box’s door, then click on ‘Exit’ for finishing the loan.

| Note: before exiting, you can request a loan receipt by e-mail or in a printed form.

The requested books are kept in the box for 3 working days counting from the day of completing the request. After that the books are returned to the library’s building.
If you need help, feel free to ask for help in person or by e-mail (