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Last-Modified: 22. 05. 2024.

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is an alphanumeric string for identifying electronic documents that allows accessing digital documents in the long term.

The DOI identifier for articles to be published in the Periodica Polytechnica journal is provided by CrossRef.
DOI identifiers for articles to be published in BME’s electronic journals and conference papers can be requested with or without publication in the repository.

Obligation for the persons requesting DOI identifiers
Persons requesting DOI identifiers must fulfil the so-called Cross-linking obligation. This means that they will indicate the sources’ DOI identifiers in the publication’s bibliography in a link format. This may give one more task, however, since it applies to all CrossRef members, it contributes to increasing accessibility.

BME OMIKK handles the DOI request and technical consultation. 
For further information, please write to e-mail address.