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Last-Modified: 04. 05. 2022.

In line with the vision of the national library strategy, BME OMIKK, as a knowledge and information centre, strives to ensure equal access to information.
There are elevators and disabled toilets, magnifying glasses, smart computer solutions, headphones, audiobooks, multimedia documents, large print and enhanced contrast publications, as well as on-demand individual assistance for people with physical and other disabilities.

The library’s discounts in support of social inclusion

The library’s discounts in support of social inclusion people with disabilities: can use our services free of charge. A personal key card to the elevator is provided on request.

  • Pensioner under 70 years: registration discount 
  • Pensioner above 70 years: registration free of charge 
  • BME pensioner: registration free of charge for 1 year, BME employees: special user access  
  • Disabled: registration free of charge, we provide a card on request in order to allow the reader to use the elevator 

In support of the library use by linguistic minorities:

  • English-language brochures and leaflets,
  • English-language website, Facebook page and user interface for the online catalogue,
  • bilingual signs in the open shelf reading rooms and the service points.