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Last-Modified: 05. 10. 2023.

If you are not a student or researcher of BME but you want to use the services of the library, please visit our library in person to change your membership.

The library is free of charge for BME staff (students, researchers etc.), for employees in charge of public collections, for the holders of a pedagogist card, for disabled persons, for persons above the age of 70.

Registration and renewal for BME students

If you are a student or a researcher of BME, you can register via Neptun by submitting request nr. 701 (OMIKK Declaration of Registration). If you want to renew your registration, please submit the same request in Neptun.

Search for this request: 701 OMIKK Declaration of Registration

You can register for free and the membership is valid until 31st of October in the next semester. In case of graduating students, the membership lasts until the date of the application for their final exams.