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Last-Modified: 05. 03. 2024.

Our colleagues in the bookbinding section offer traditional binding and minor restauration services with short deadlines and favourable prices for various document types, as well as making enclosure cases and boxes.

Binding services:

  • binding (and rebinding) of books and documents,
  • periodical and serial binding (even with size differences),
  • half cloth case binding with optional end sheets,
  • full cloth case binding with optional end sheets,
  • repair of covers and spines,
  • restoration and insertion of loose pages,
  • preparation and additional work for digitisation projects: detaching and rebinding.
BME_OMIKK_koteszet_munkai_kulonbozo_meretu_folyoiratok_egybekotes.jpg BME_OMIKK_koteszet_munkai_felvaszon_kotes.jpg
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Please ask for your personalised offer.