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11. 01. 2022.

This year almost 25 subscribed databases can be used at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Within the framework of the EISZ consortium, the electronic publications of Typotex Publishing will be available again from 2022, as well as the ACM Digital Library IT databases,
the IEEE Electronic Library technical databases, the Nature periodicals and the studies and e-books of Springer Publisher.
A complete list of databases subscribed by the University can be found with links and a brief description on the Databases page of the website. Most of the online literature containing scientific journals and textbooks can be accessed from a device connected to the internal network of BME
by opening the indicated link without further identification (for example requesting a password). Outside the University network, BME citizens can also access it remotely via the university VPN or eduID.

For instructions on setting up a VPN, see the BMENET page.