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04. 05. 2022.

Based on the students’ demand, two new services will be offered to the readers, moreover a new platform for room reservation so that it gets easier.

The new services are useful for patrons, who wish to find literature for their research, thesis or assignments. Information and Consultation is helpful for students, who are writing a thesis or an assignment, or are researching. In this platform, students can ask for help for finding literature and how to find in a database, moreover, they can ask the librarians their questions. On the new platform, they can easily make an appointment individually or in groups- in person or online. Moreover, students can choose how much time the consultatin will take. For more information about the new service click here.

Publication management offers help for researchers, PhD students and those who want to publish an Open Access publication or use MTMT database (Hungarian Scientific Bibliography Database), and solve problems regarding these.  
BME researchers, who want to submit the required applications in favour of their advancement, can submit their requests for publication list checking and updating references online. The request form can be found in the MTMT platform of OMIKK’s website. The MTMT administrator of the university and the library’s colleagues will check the submitted requests. The necessary time for checking them depends on the fields, items and their qualities, therefore it is recommendable to submit the request to our colleagues on time. One can reserve a consultation appointment online or in person, individually or in groups every Tuesday and Thursday. The duration of the consultation can be chosen on the reservation platform. 

The platform of room reservations is new, and it allows the readers and lecturers to reserve rooms easily for studying or teaching. The room nr. 2 can on the ground floor can be used for learning in groups, it is possible to reserve tables for a smaller group of 2-4 people. In this case, write this in the comment section. Community room can be reserved by the lecturers for teaching, practicing or development. Handling the platform of the room reservation is simple, after choosing the room, choose a free appointment date and give the duration of the reservation. For more information about the reservation click here

Platform for reserving a room and making an appointment of consultation